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Gazebos & Pergolas

Discover our 'Gazebos & Pergolas' collection, where outdoor dreams take shape in style. Elevate your outdoor living with a range of enchanting structures designed to transform your space into a haven of relaxation and elegance. Enjoy the luxury of our Hot Tub Pergola, providing shade and allure to your hot tub area. Embrace the serenity of Heritage Garden Pods, creating intimate retreats in your garden. Relish quiet moments in our Swing Seat and Apex Arbour, offering solace and charm. Accentuate pathways with the Gitana Arch Top and Rose Arch, adding a touch of whimsy. For grand gatherings, consider our Gazebo—an exquisite space for celebrations. Our Gazebos & Pergolas collection invites you to reimagine your outdoor oasis with structures that reflect your desires. Explore now and create spaces that inspire and delight.


  • Hot Tub Pergola

    Hot Tub Pergola

    £2,166.67 All prices exclude VAT 20%

    Hot tub pergolas are an ideal addition to your garden to provide privacy, as well as protection from the elements - allowing you to make the best u...

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  • Heritage Garden Pods
    Heritage Garden Pods

    Heritage Garden Pods

    £1,250.00 All prices exclude VAT 20%

    Heritage Pods provide comfortable outdoor seating, enabling you to make the most of socialising outdoors. Whether they are for your own garden or y...

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  • Swing Seat

    Swing Seat

    £313.65 All prices exclude VAT 20%

  • Apex arbour
    Sold out

    Apex arbour

    £220.50 All prices exclude VAT 20%

    A perfect piece of outdoor furniture you can relax on to make the most of your garden. 2.5m high x 1.5m wide x 0.6m deep

  • Gitana Arch Top

    Gitana Arch Top

    £179.55 All prices exclude VAT 20%

  • Picnic Table
    Picnic Table

    Picnic Table

    £160.25 All prices exclude VAT 20%

  • Rose arch

    Rose arch

    £128.81 All prices exclude VAT 20%

    All made from pressure treated easy edge timber. Lovely curved top with trellis both sides - ideal to frame a walkway, to trail roses or other clim...

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  • Gazebo


    £0.00 All prices exclude VAT 20%

    An ideal feature to enhance your garden, designed for decoration or plant support or an arch over a pond or cover for patio furniture.     All of...

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