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£1,130.84 All prices exclude VAT 20%

Our workshop shown above with 4ft double doors at the front apex, allows a wider entrance and having 4 windows to the side gives ample lighting.

This is an excellent choice for the DIY enthusiast as it gives extra height and storage space with heavier constructed apex design roof.

Specifications: height at eaves 6ft6” approx. Apex height 8ft approx. All framing is out of  3x2 pressure treated timber. Floor is 18mm Osb. Roof is 11mm Osb. 

Extras : £35 for opening window.


Other sizes and upgrades available upon request

Size Erect Bearers
10x8 £218.90 £49.00
12x8 £258.00 £56.30
10x10 £279.00 £56.30
12x10 £258.00 £70.21
14x10 £322.90 £80.24