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The Solar Shed

£1,550.00 All prices exclude VAT 20%

Bespoke Sizes Available - Contact Us

The solar shed is designed to suit your gardening needs, with staging to allow a platform underneath the glass front - designed for potting plants and allowing maximum light in for growth. 

All the timber used is pressure treated.

Framing is 3x2 CLS, and is cladded with 12mm shiplap. The floor is made with 18mm OSB weather resist board, and 11mm OSB for the roof.

Premium felt as standard and lined with waterproof breathable membrane on the interior as standard.

There are four large windows along the front, two of which are opening, with a slatted bench below (staging). 


Additional extras available include: stable door, additional door, and additional opening windows (as shown in RH image).


Size Erect Bearers
8x6 £216 £39