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The Dutch Barn

£1,502.19 All prices exclude VAT 20%

The Dutch barn style shed is a similar grade building to our workshop, it gives good internal height and different styling to front and roof. Windows and doors can be changed to suit your needs. All glass is horticultural grade. Double doors to front with 3 hinges per door and padbolt as standard.


The Barn is made using 75x50mm pressure treated framing with 16mm (nominal) shiplap cladding, with the option of Loglap cladding (+15%). Floor is 18mm osb with the roof made with 11mm osb. Roofing felt is green mineralised graded felt.
(Other sizes and upgrades available upon request)
Size Erect Bearers
10x8 £350.00 £40.84
10x12 £375.00 £42.55