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Durapost Commercial

£61.92 All prices exclude VAT 20%

DuraPost is a patented cold rolled galvanised steel (DX51D Z275NA-C) fence post system manufactured to EN 10346. Lightweight yet stronger and more durable than traditional fence posts, DuraPost offers a maintenance free fence post solution for commercial applications.

Made with 2.5mm steel compared to the 1.5mm thick classic version, the commercial DuraPost offers superior strength for higher fencing applications, up to 4m above ground. Designed for residential work and civil projects such as sound-proofing around supermarkets, petrol stations, takeaways, drive-throughs, and roadside fencing, Commercial DuraPost conforms to BS EN 1794-1:2018 standards and has been static load tested to 1100kg.

As Commercial DuraPost is a larger and stronger alternative to classic DuraPost, it is also perfect for taller residential projects, or for use on construction sites for hoarding applications. Important: If you increase the height - to maintain the same load you need to decrease the centres. A minimum length of 800mm is recommended below ground.

Available in 2.4m 3m 3.4m 4m And 5m, Galvanised finish & Anthracite Grey.