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Apex Shiplap Shed

£429.00 All prices exclude VAT 20%

Cladding 125mm x 12mm

Framing 50mm x 38mm

Floor and roof 11mm exterior OSB

Horticultural grade glass

Mineral felt as standard (This can be upgarded to our premium felt on request)


Waterproof breathable membrane on the interior now as standard

Windows and doors configured to your specification

Optional extras include: extra wide door, double doors, stable door, premium heavy duty felt, cedar roof, featheredge roof, additional window, opening window, key locking door, heavy duty floor, T&G floor 

Size Erection Bearers
6ft x 4ft £83.33 4 no. 4ft   £24.08
7ft x 5ft £130 3 no. 7ft   £28.08
8ft x 6ft £160 4 no. 8ft   £30.10
10ft x 6ft £175 6 no. 6ft   £36.12
10ft x 8ft £185 6 no. 8ft   £49.00
12ft x 8ft £250 7 no. 8ft   £56.30