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Selworthy Summerhouse

£1,406.33 All prices exclude VAT 20%

Add enjoyment to your garden with an attractive chalet style summerhouse that would blend well on any patio, garden or woodland setting.

Offering double doors that open back against the front windows, giving maximum ventilation without wasting space and a 2ft overhang on the front of the roof.

A very useful building for storing garden furniture, barbecues etc. Ideal for making the most of the sunshine, or a room to relax in when showery. Offers years of pleasure and excellent value.

Size Erect Bearers
8x6 £175.00 £30.10
8x8 £195.00 £40.00
10x8 £215.00 £49.00
12x10 £279.00 £65.00